CG-15025 Sales Manager 航运销售经理-日资船东 2016/1/5

天津/宁波/南京 各招一人 分别在津 甬 宁当地上班

Achieve individual sales target and lead the team to reach the team’s target set by the company through maintaining existing customers, developing new ones and cost control.
Monitor daily lifting performance categories and give guidance to sales team when they are below the targets.
Gather and send sales & marketing info to trade management for reference and for decision of pricing and space assignment etc.
Set the action plan of developing assigned trade business.
Conduct space control for individual trade and for the team’s trades in a departmental level.
Make individual trade rate offer/request.
Streamline sales internal process through necessary training in sales team.
Make accurate equipment forecast to operation department.

Bachelor degree or above.
5 years or above shipping industry sales working experience.
Leadership skill and team work sprit.
Customer relationship management.
Understanding of customer’s needs.
CET-4, good command of both oral and written English.
Ability of Analysis and problem solving.

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