CG-16002 Marketing Director市场总监-外资FMCG 2016/1/19

淮海路/奉贤 市区为主


Be responsible for successfully leading the major function of brand marketing.
Act as a marketing leader who builds strong brand equity and drive brand awareness through consumer insight and competition understanding, with integrated marketing campaigns for existing and new propositions towards the achievement of business objectives.
Act as an ambassador for company at every interaction, both internally and externally.
Play a key role in setting the strategy and directly contributing to the overall success of in China.

Brand Marketing
Lead development and guide execution of annual marketing plan to ensure building stronger brand equity, awareness and growth three channels to market –POS, Vet and Breeder
Initiate long term strategy of building brand, support business growth through deep understanding of market, competitor, consumers
Manage portfolio to fit market, consumers and business profit needs
Lead New product pipeline planning; ensure successful new product launch and build process of  tracking/ evaluation of the result
Develop strong plan for CRM, internet and new technology
Marketing related process design and optimization to continually innovate in the market
Build close relationship with headquarter and clearly understand / leverage resources from headquarter
Strong market insight and build close working relationship with cross-functional team and DC
Collaborate with functional leaders and provide insights, data, statistics and analysis of geographical areas when needed

Leadership, Team Development
Strong leadership of marketing through continuous motivation, training and coaching
Build strong function expertise among marketing by facilitating team’s continuous development by customizing individual development plan
Work closely with trade marketing to ensure alignment of brand messages/values

Ability to manage complexity; dealing with ambiguity
Strong organizing & coordination ability, able to consolidate company’s information & convert to competitive advantage
Strong ability on market development judgment & analysis, to obtain advantageous position (edge)
Product launch and management, channel development and market expansion, capacity to drive business growth on the mid and long term
People management including performance management and leadership
Strong logical thinking ability, deliberate questioning in a comprehensive, thorough manner, able to maintain balance & principle persistence
Experience on team management, to unite & lead the team to achieve predetermined/ predefined targets
Strong ability in handling customer relations, superior negotiation ability, can solve questions & challenges encountered from work in a timely manner

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