GC-16014 Homologation Certification Expert 柴油发动机认证 2016/10/14



Understand and Familiar with Emissions Regulations & local Certification requirements for On-Road, Off-Road and Marine engine.
Preparing all documentation for submittal to Agencies or Authority.
Create Certification Program Plan & Assign team roles & responsibilities.
Communicate with authority on certification process. Test facility resource managing & witnessing authority
Reviews with Ministries and  Q&A's
Define Certification families and agree with Certification Authorities / Ministries
Witnessed tests for Power, Smoke & Emissions, DEF de-freezing & PEMS tests
Witnessed OBD testing & fault demonstrations.
Compile & Submit Complete Certification package including test reports.
Plant Audit, Assembly, Test, Quality & COP Test process.
Audit Emissions labelling, component & block marking.
Exemption Labels / Import / Export / Replacement engines / etc
Mandatory COP testing/Reporting On & Non road.
Mandatory Assembly Plant Audits & Compliance Audits.
Low volume exemptions analysis.
Change control / CRF analysis - impact on emissions.
Horizontal support to the company.

Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering (or equivalent), internal combustion engine is a plus.
Good knowledge of engine technology.
Excellent knowledge of laws and regulations regarding engine approvals in China and Europe.
More than 5 years’ experience in engine field and experience on homologation certification for On-Road, Off-Road or Vehicle . Emission test knowledge is a plus.
Fluent English in both written and spoken.
Good communication and negotiation skills
Project management skill.
Team work member, proactive and motive working attitude

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