GC-1711 Customer Management 客户技术支持-欧洲柴油发动机制造商 2017/7/18

泰国 曼谷

Support Market Segment in sales activity, regarding technical and not commercial aspects and proposal of best solutions for customer needs
Ensure full comprehension of customer not commercial needs, translating them in PR (Product Requests),  when it is the case and in clear product specifications
Act as Group technical Interface with the customer during the product lifecycle (e.g. working with customer to ensure timely design freeze, application sign off, master engine sign off, …), collecting issues to be discussed / solved with platform team, driving priorities and ensuring client satisfaction
Agree and manage the program planning with the customer (in terms of RASIC and program tracking), identifying weak signals of issues at customer end and report internally to plan countermeasures
Track client requests status with the platform team (e.g. open PRs, overdue PRs, …) pushing for deadlines and timely completion of platform evaluations
Support platform / program profitability with a focus on its customers (e.g. customer satisfaction based on needs fulfillment, product modifications, …)
Collect client feedback about product and development process and provide it to Group organization (e.g. marketing, …)
Sponsor pivot products and support the dealer (ad-hoc) for the configuration of best pivot solutions for client needs Ensure full comprehension of regional customer not commercial needs, translating them in PRs and in clear product specifications for customized product development (when pivot products does not fulfill their needs)
Cooperate with regional late customization teams (Product Engineering) to address fitting needs of local clients with regional late engineering capabilities based on DoA defined (to be implemented)
Participate to platform teams either directly or through the Customer Management central function, to represent regional customers and programs, and to ensure customer satisfaction and timely program execution

Have a technical education and experience on direct contact with customers.
Fluent English is mandatory
Previous experience with European or world-wide company are appreciated
Travel a lot in SEA region, e.g. Singapore, Malaysia etc.

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